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Downtown is for Everyone!

Make your voice heard regarding the development of downtown Boulder’s last open civic space.

Ways to Get Involved:


Join the Coalition

Add your name to our growing list of your Boulder neighbors who want to start and participate in the discussion on how the civic space is developed. Click below and add your name.


Financial Support

We want to make sure every voice is heard because Downtown is for Everyone. If you’d like to financially support this effort to maintain this website and keep everyone informed, click below.


Contact Boulder City Officials

Make your voice heard! Connect directly with decision-makers involved in approving the plans by sending an email to all members of the Boulder City Council using the contact form here. Select Planning and Development Services from the “My question or feedback most closely related to the following topic” drop-down menu. You can also send an email to the planning board members through this link. Check out the bullets in the “Write a Letter” section or click on the button below for sample messaging, which you can either copy or use as a base to craft a note in your own words.


Write a Letter to the Daily Camera Editor

Another great way to raise awareness about what’s at stake for our community is by submitting a letter to the editor or sharing a guest opinion with the Daily Camera. Use the following key points in your outreach:

  • Concern regarding the proposed building — with no setback from the street — encroaching on the last downtown parcel with Flatirons views.
  • The building’s massive size is out of character for the neighborhood and insensitive to neighboring businesses and residences.
  • The potential for significant traffic/parking problems and lack of adequate emergency access.
  • This parcel — originally designated for civic use — should be preserved, allowing for more community dialogue to shape a project that protects stunning views and Boulder’s character.
  • Downtown Boulder is for everyone to enjoy!

Check out the Daily Camera’s guidelines and send your submission to Click on the button below for sample letters, which you can either copy or use as a base to craft a note in your own words.

Current Coalition Members:

Cindy Lindsay

DJ Johanningmeier

Stephen and Tatiana Tebo

Mark and Deborah Magaldi

Stan Garnett
Former District Attorney for Colorado’s Twentieth Judicial District

Leslie Durgin
Former Boulder Mayor

Michael Bergermeister

Peter Neale

Karen Bernardi

Yetta Lee

Georgia Schmid

Rivvy Neshama

Steve Sheafor

Char Fontenell

Dan and Patricia Dietzler

Doyle Albee

Marie Juliette-Bird

Abby Keefe

Ben Atkins

Karina Berg

Andrew and Heather Delveaux

Nadia Gavrilova

Megan Gentry

Sharon Stewart

Ellen Stark

Craig and Jody Maughan

Lisa and George Bartlett

Eric and Jacki Reichanadter

Matt Moseley

Rochelle Woods

Kari Whitman

Cass Gassman

Tanya Miller

Grace Yoon

Tim Wolf

Cindy & Dan Caruso

Brant Brooks

Ronald McCormack